Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stellan Skarsgrd talks David Fincher's Dragon Tattoo

Has Stellan Skarsgård stop by a little Sigmund Freud? It appears the Swedish actor has a little the Austrian psychiatrist about him if this involves evaluating company directors."Every one has their very own methods for working and also the more gifted the company directors are, the greater you'd like to learn what their childhood was like really," the Thor and Avengers star told Super hero Hype."David Fincher stated in my experience whenever we met, 'This won't be fun, because I sometimes do 40 takes of every set-up'. And That I stated, 'It had better be fun, and that i don't mind doing 40 takes, so let us make 40 fun takes'."So could it have been fun?"I truly loved it. He's very thorough, but it is no rectal factor," Skarsgård added. "You are able to really do 40 takes which are 40 versions of the scene, that can bring it to existence."That being stated, appears Fincher may be someone to avoid for stars who choose chilling out within their trailer."He works solid, meaning you shoot constantly. You do not sit and wait and that i like this,Inch Skarsgård added.The Lady Using The Dragon Tattoo opens on 26 December 2011.

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