Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chris Tucker Comeback Alert Along With A Skarsgard Offered A Job In Porn?

It has been some time since we have seen Chris Tucker about the giant screen, however it appears everything will quickly change, as Tucker is apparently near to joining David O. Russell's "The Silver Textures Playbook" and "Neighborhood Watch" for Fox Searchlight. "Playbook" is dependant on the novel by Michael Fast and based on Variety, Tucker could be joining formerly introduced stars Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert P Niro. Within the film, Cooper is really a senior high school teacher who's institutionalized for depression after which launched in to the proper care of his mother. Tucker will apparently play Cooper's cool mental institute-dwelling friend who escapes from time to time to go to his buddy about the outdoors. For "Neighborhood Watch," Tucker is within foretells star alongside Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill within the Akiva Schaffer-directed comedy that follows several neighbors who use their neighborhood watch like a front to allow them to escape their own families, until they uncover a plot to eliminate the planet. Hopefully Schaffer's second directorial effort will fair much better than his first, "Hotrod." Browse the relaxation of present day casting news beyond the jump! Stellan Skarsgard Headed for Lars Von Trier's Porn Movie? It's less an unexpected that Von Trier makes a porno, that he allegedly wants Swedish star Stellan Skarsgard to star inside it. "Lars known as me and stated 'Stellan, my next film is a porno and I really want you to experience charge inside it,Inch Skarsgard told E! News. "However he stated, 'You won't reach f--k'." Anna Kendrick Preparing Vocal Guitar chords for RomCom 'Pitch Perfect' It isn't a giant screen version of "Glee," however the hit TV show's recognition likely affected the eco-friendly-lighting of "Pitch Perfect," an intimate comedy which is all about goth-like and edgy student (rumored star Anna Kendrick), who finds out she's a talent for singing and becomes the key weapon for that schools female a cappella group. Erectile dysfunction Helms to Star in "Le Mac" Remake Of all of the cast people on "Work,Inch Erectile dysfunction Helms makes the most from his hiatuses nowadays. Variety reviews the "Hangover II" star has been courted by MRC and Ben Stiller's Red-colored Hour Films to star within their remake of 2010 French film "Le Mac." The comedy follows a gentle-mannered banker instructed to masquerade like a well known gangster and pimp. Which of those movies would you like to see first? Inform us within the comments or on Twitter!

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