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Livin' for the Apocalypse Star on Eating Guinea Pigs, People and Basic Apocalypse Planning

Livin' for the Apocalypse Gidget Rose and her roommate Jackie Brittain (not their real names) live in the Southwest (in an intentionally unspecified location), where they can meat, stockpile water and weaponry, and raise guinea pigs for cash, all in preparation for the apocalypse. They are two people profiled on TLC's very entertaining, very eye-opening and very... TLC special Livin' for the Apocalypse (Sunday, 10/9c). Below, Rose tells us about apocalypse planning, why she'd consider cannibalism, her arsenal of weapons, and if she and Jackie face bigotry in the Southwest over Jackie's transgenderism. Clearly, Gidget and Jackie's story is one that's been dying to be told. Kudos to TLC for that. What makes you think that the world is ending next year?Gidget Rose: Well, I don't think the world is ending, but "apocalypse" means "unveiling" or seeing a different thing. I feel that I need to prepare. I'm on a limited income. Gas is sky-high, even though it's come down a bit, it's going to come down again. Food is expensive. Meat is outrageous. I can hardly afford to buy meat anymore. We're talking hamburger at several dollars a pound. I just got in my gut that I need to start storing up food. I have SSI [Supplemental Security Income]. If the government quits it, I have no money for nothing. I'm just trying to think ahead. I seriously feel that we're going to see times change rapidly. At least by 2015, we're going to see our nation become something different, if not going to war with the Middle East. All the countries are so unstable, you don't know what's going on. It's like they're all going down, down, down, down, down - get rid of the leader, and I'm wondering what's next here? I think maybe we're gonna start having a civil war. Obama hasn't done a real good job. The other presidents haven't either, but he hasn't made it better. What's on your Watchlist? Create one and keep tabs on all of TLC's programming Are you generally marked by anxiety? Is this something you spend a lot of time thinking about?Rose: I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it, not as much as I had. I'm pretty well [stocked]. I was quite anxious six months ago. I hadn't gotten as much prepared as I wanted to. At this time, I only have 1,000 gallons of water. Living in the Southwest dessert, water is going to be like gold. I want to get another 1,000 gallons, but the containers are like $126 [each]. I'm just trying to get this and that. My car broke down and I'm trying to get it fixed. A filling for my tooth. The copier won't work. [Laughs] Everything hits at the same time. Are you still raising guinea pigs?Rose: Yeah, but I'm not having real good luck with 'em. We were trying to save budget money for air conditioning and it just got horribly hot for my rabbits and guinea pigs. I only have, like, four little females left, no males. They have fans with frozen water bottles on them, but they just haven't had good luck. Same with the bunnies. We think we're just going to go ahead and butcher them all out and can them up. We have about eight of them left, and we had 15. I think we're just going to stay with our chickens. I was hoping to get a hold of the big [guinea pigs] they have in Peru, but they're really not available in this country that I'm aware of. They do eat them in Peru. They're cheaper to raise, and between two of us, one little guinea pig, which would be a couple of pounds, would still be enough meat. When I can up my meat, I can it up in a pint jar, I can get four meals out of it in a pinch. Elsewhere on the special, someone suggests that canning meat is dangerous. Are you being safe?Rose: Oh yeah, you pressure cook it. It'll last a couple of years. Before eating, you check your jars real good, you want to make sure it doesn't press down on the top or that it isn't discolored on the inside. People have been canning meat for years, and not that many people have died from it that I've known in my family. [Laughs] Marilyn Mansfield shows off her 500 dolls on My Collection Obsession At one point in the show, you discuss resorting to cannibalism, and you just mentioned eating your guinea pigs and rabbits. Is everything a potential source of food for you?Rose: That was more of a joke, the cannibalism. We were talking about shooting guns and I said that my dad always said, "Whatever you shoot, you gotta eat. So why waste the meat? Can 'em up." I'm serious about that in a sense. I'm not a nutcase and I don't want to have to shoot anybody, but if I have to - to protect what's mine or keep some looter out - I will. And if you have so many, what are you going to do with the bodies? If you're starving and you don't have meat, you'd be foolish not to go ahead and use the meat. I mean, the Donner Party did. People looked at them kind of weird, but you'd be foolish not to. I'm not digging no graves. That [cannibalism comment] went on the TLC news things and everyone went, "She's a nut," but you have to hear how I said it. Do you face bigotry living in the Southwest with a transgender woman?Rose: Actually we do not, including from the church we're joining that accepts her wholeheartedly. In Arkansas, where she lived, it was constant. She hadn't had her surgery, so everyone there knew her as a man. She's [since] had her surgery, and she's had complete surgery - more than Chaz Bono. I'm probably more sensitive than she is, because I know better and I've only known her as a female, never as a man. She still has a lot of boy ways, which she doesn't mean to. It's just the way she was raised. Her dad was pretty hard on her to make sure she was a boy and acted like a boy and not act gay or anything, which she wasn't. She knows a lot of guy stuff, cars and stuff, but I keep telling her, "I don't care what the wheels on the truck are over there, you should just say, 'Isn't that a pretty red truck?' like a girl does." [Laughs] There's nothing strange about an addiction to TLC's My Strange Addiction At one point in the show, Jackie mentions a fear of zombies. Was that a joke?Rose: That was all just poking and fun. My daughter was out one time that we were filming and she was talking about a zombie apocalypse, and we were laughing. There's no such thing! My daughter was convinced after talking to some boy she knew that his parents worked for the government. Oh, please. We'd have a better chance of having a landing of a UFO. What do your children think of your apocalypse planning?Rose: My son is beginning to understand that mom's not so crazy. I've done this a lot of times before, and sometimes we've had real hard times and had to live off our food storage. He thinks two years of time is excessive, but he's changing his attitude now. My daughter thinks about just living for the day and doesn't even look ahead to next week. She's a hard worker, but she doesn't save a penny. Is apocalypse planning fun?Rose: It's kind of fun! If I had $4,000, I'd be a lot happier and could get a lot of things done. I'd like to get a solar generator. I'd like to have 10 tanks of propane and some charcoal. One thing I think that's going to happen that the scientists can't prove is the solar flares. If they knock out the electricity even for a couple of weeks, this whole nation will go nuts. There will be looting, you can't get gas, you can't get into the grocery store because it's locked. You can't get to the bank. No phone service, no computer service. We'd be back to the Dark Ages real quick. I want to be prepared for something like that. Catch up on today's news Have you amassed weapons?Rose: Yes, I have a few of them. I don't like them - I had never shot a gun in my life - but I decided that we needed to get a gun, and so far I've got about three, one I haven't shot yet and Jackie has one. So we probably have plenty. There was a sports store that had a nice shotgun for $189, but I don't know if I'll have the money to buy that. Are you happy?Rose: Yeah! I don't just live for the moment, but I'm enjoying every moment that I have. I feel like I've got insurance. You buy insurance for your car and your house for "What if?" And so I've got food, storage and water for "What if?" You never know, neighbors might need help. I would be happy that I could feed them and make sure they're taken care of. I'm not into gas masks, I'm not into bunkers. No. 1, I don't have the money or the place for a bunker, and No. 2, how long do you stay down there before you go batty? If you do come out and everything's gone, I'm 60 years old and Jackie's pretty disabled. What are we gonna do to rebuild the community? Not a heck of a lot. I can show you how to do things, but not much else. I figure that's for the young people. Let them rebuild. I just take my chances with nuclear stuff. I was a duck-and-cover drill kid. You just get under the desk and hope for the best.

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Ricky Gervais Says NBC Has Invited Him Back To Host The Golden Globes, And He Was Approached About The Oscars, Too

UPDATE, 2:55 PM: ABC has just responded to Rick Gervais’ claim today that he has been approached to host the Oscars. The Oscar broadcaster says there is no truth to it. PREVIOUS: 2:12 PM: Ricky Gervais had Hollywood buzzing in January with his no-holds-barred hosting stint on NBC’s Golden Globes telecast. He ripped enough folks — from Charlie Sheen to Robert Downey to Johnny Depp to God — that few thought the host Hollywood Foreign Press Association would want him back for a third stint (see Deadline’s take on the night:Live-Snarking The Meanest Golden Globes). Apparently, though, NBC has other ideas about it: The British comedian said at the Edinburgh International Television Festival today that the network has asked him to host again, saying he is considering it “but I shouldn’t do it.” NBC declined to comment on the matter. “I love NBC, I love the fact they stuck by me through it,” Gervais said, adding, “I don’t think I should do it. What am I going back as?” Gervais wasn’t done yet at the annual TV confab. He also revealed that he was approached about hosting the Oscars, though it’s unclear whether that was before or after the Academy announced Brett Ratner and Don Mischer would produce the Oscarcast — normally the producers make the call on the host. Regardless, Gervais said he’d never take the gig. “They said to my agent would he like to be on our list. I couldn’t do the Oscars. It’s a thankless task for a comedian. They don’t want to hear jokes, they want to hear if they have won the most important award of their career,” he said. Gervais also said that he has been offered a U.S.-based talk show “a few times” but isn’t interested. “I got into this business so I didn’t have to put a suit on and sit behind a desk five times a week. It would be strange to do it.” The real question is what hasn’t Gervais been offered? How about SAG president?

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Disney already working on future Cars spin-offs?

Is Disney already planning to create a whole franchise of spin-offs based on itsCars movies?John Lasseter's introduction to Planes at the D23 Expo - the first film set in the same universe as Cars - certainly suggests that's the plan."[We're creating] an entirely new film set in the world of Cars but it's about the different vehicles. The first one we're doing from the Disney Toon Studios is called Planes."You'll notice he said "the first" there."The world of Cars is really big," he added. "When I look out of my window when I'm driving I see a whole other set of characters."The plot of Planes centres around Dusty (Two And A Half Men's Jon Cryer), a single-prop agriculture plane who lives in the small town of Propwash Junction. Can he compete with the lean, mean, trophy-winning machines he idolises?"We always record the dialogue first because we get inspiration from the actors. The character of Dusty would be nothing without Emmy Award winning Jon Cryer," Lasseter told D23."To be a part of the Cars universe is so ridiculous," Cryer said as he joined Lasseter on stage. "If you guys ever get a chance to do a voice character in a Disney movie, do it because it's awesome."

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Emmys 2011: 10 Explanations Why 'American Idol' Should Win

FOX We would like justice! This is the time to turn back TV crime from the century, the academy's refusal to recognition America Idol using the Emmy for outstanding reality-competition program. Listed here are 10 reasons why it's too essential for Emmy to maintain disregarding: 1. Nobody continues to be this type of champion the truth is. For seven straight years, probably the most-viewed prime time show on television was a chapter of Idol, an archive. 2. No champion continues to be this type of loser within the sometimes success-despising, prestige-seeking fantasy realm of the Emmys. Granted, Idol won seven Emmys for such things as "outstanding editing of clip packages." It set a near-record for consecutive not successful nominations, 22 (ended with a technical direction win in 2007). It's up for eight Emmys this season. The main one it has to win may be the large one, quick, prior to the Idol era has ended. 3. Because of the influentially rude Simon Cowell, it is perfectly OK to insult individuals to their faces. This is actually the only positive thing that's happened in the recent past. 4. Because of Idol's success since his exit, the show is really a wonderful insult to Cowell. Everyone thought it might sink without him, however with new judgesSteven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez it jumped rather, just like a drab, unpromising Idol contestant who amazingly bursts into flame and fame the main attraction. 5. You are able to't stop the background music by withholding Emmy love. Think about Kelly Clarkson, Barbara Underwood, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert-- without Idol, none of those top-selling artists could be big names and America may still be hearing Creed and Limp Bizkit. 6. Where would the background music industry do without Idol? The show has offered 50 million albums and 250 million iTunes downloads together with 3.4 million concert tickets in ten years. Now shows such as the Voice and X Factor should hope to determine exactly the same results -- or perhaps a fraction. 7. Even its nonwinners are those who win. Katharine McPhee unsuccessful to win and it has been signed to four different labels since being on the program, but she's still hot as always. Witness: the brand new NBC show Smash. 8. Rival Dwts has worn-out its party area and it is welcome. Which Means You Think You Are Able To Dance ought to be grateful Cat Deeley got nominated as host and merely ignore winning outstanding reality-competition program. Plus, where would producer Nigel Lythgoe do without Idol? Somewhere nasty. 9. The Astonishing Race already hogged the award 12 occasions, and already got deposed by Top Chef this past year, therefore it's background and ought to be content to stay so, vis a vis the very best prize. Top Chef's 2010 win meant the time had come for something new, and today it's time for an additional change -- an Idol win. And Project Runway might be coming off an excellent season too, and perhaps it's really as terrific as Idol. However it's lost seven occasions, what exactly's yet another? 10. Ryan Seacrest has drenched nearly 500 hrs of TV time just on Idol alone, shouldn't that count for something? Adam Lambert Barbara Underwood Jennifer Lopez Katharine McPhee Kelly Clarkson Randy Jackson Ryan Seacrest Simon Cowell The American Idol Show Steven Tyler The Voice The X Factor

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Tom Cruise Gives 'One Shot' To Rosamund Pike

Your decision was expected rapidly, plus they did not dissatisfy: Rosamund Pike is Cruise "One Shot" woman! Deadline reviews the former Bond girl has arrived the feminine lead in "One Shot," Paramount's Cruise-starring adaptation from the Jack Reacher novel series. Pike will have Helen Rodin, a defense attorney who works together with Reacher, an old military guy switched drifter, to create criminals to justice. Obtain the relaxation of present day greatest casting news beyond the jump! Bill Paxton Joins Kevin Costner Miniseries History Channel's miniseries "The Hatfields and McCoys" just added another major Hollywood actor. Deadline has found that Bill Paxton originates aboard because the titular Randall McCoy. He's joining Kevin Costner, who plays "Demon" Anse Hatfield. The Civil War drama follows both buddies as publish-war tensions make the two families to begin warring against one another. Rosemarie DeWitt Joins The "Neighborhood Watch" Ben Stiller just acquired a wife in the sci-fi comedy "Neighborhood Watch." "U . s . States of Tara" star Rosemarie DeWitt will act as Stiller's wife who forces these phones proceed to the and surrounding suburbs, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Vince Vaughn can also be signed onto the flick. "Neighborhood Watch" begins shooting within the fall in Georgia. Kaira Pitt To Create "Twelve Years A Slave" The Steve McQueen-directed flick "Twelve Years A Slave" just acquired a large-time producer. The Hollywood Reporter has found that Kaira Pitt and the Plan B production company came aboard the variation of Solomon Northup's autobiography in creating roles. Presently British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor is mounted on Northup's role. Not sure yet on when production is yet to begin. Adam Scott Is "A.C.O.D." With no, that does not mean he's a seafood. The "Parks & Entertainment" star continues to be drawn on for that leading role in "A.C.O.D.," a brand new indie comedy from Stuart Zicherman. The title is short for for Adult Kids of Divorce, and Scott plays a guy who had been instructed to develop too youthful following his parents' bitter divorce. It's as much as Scott to have their tempers awesome enough when his more youthful brother hurriedly decides to got married. Inform us that which you think about present day casting news within the comments section as well as on Twitter!

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The 15 Smilingest Female Villains in Movie History

In 'The Help,' Southern society girl Hilly Holbrook (Bryce Dallas Howard) is really as polished and polite as you possibly can, but that pretty smile hides an average, racist streak as wide because the Mississippi. It simply proves, as Hamlet once stated, "You can smile and smile and become a villain." Here's our assortment of female figures who attempted to place a enjoyable face on evil because they schemed, cajolled as well as committed murder to obtain the things they wanted. Click the above image to determine the gallery, beginning without any. 15: Lina Lamont in 'Singin' while it is raining.A Here is a discussion we'd about a few of the styles in 'The Help': Gallery photos 1-8, 10-15: Everett Collection 9: Dreamworks.

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Family Film Guide: 'The Help' Is a Weepy Mother-Daughter Date

'The Help' Director: Tate Taylor Rated: PG-13 for thematic material Starring: Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard, Emma Stone , Octavia L. Spencer Common Sense Media rating: On for 11+ Moviefone Mama Says: Mothers (and fathers) be warned -- this film will require the use of a Kleenex, sleeve, or concessions' napkin. But don't let the tissue requirement keep you away, because for once a movie is not only as worthy as the book on which it's based, it's a fantastic way for families with middle and high-schoolers to discuss prejudice and humanity and what it means to be an American. The performances in Tate Taylor's adaptation of Kathryn Stockett's debut novel are divine; there's not a weak link in the cast, from the ambitious and slightly misfit Stone to the please-give-her-an-Oscar Davis to the evil-with-a-smile Howard and the hilariously mischievous Spencer. Go for the cast, stay for the story, and leave feeling like a good cry and conversation. Did You Know?: Octavia Spencer beat out dozens of interested -- and more famous -- black actresses for the role of Minny. But the odds were in her favor, because not only is she a close friend of the author, Kathryn Stockett and a housemate of the director Tate Taylor, she was actually Stockett's inspiration for the character. Parent Concerns: The issue of Jim Crow racism in the Deep South isn't exactly a light-and-easy topic, and there is some occasionally salty language and mention of domestic abuse, the assassination of politicians and Civil Rights activists, premarital pregnancy, miscarriage, and (obviously) racist behavior and comments. Here are three talking points to extend your moviegoing experience. 1. Get Up, Stand Up: Although Skeeter is an early catalyst for what happens with the maids of Jackson, ultimately this story belongs to "the help." Often movies about the Civil Rights movement focus on the perspective of an outsider, but 'The Help' is only one-third Skeeter's tale. The heart of the matter is what Aibileen and Minny have gone through dealing with the white families that employ them. Besides Skeeter, who else treats the maids like fellow human beings? How is that character different than the other women in the movie? Do you think May Mobley will grow up any less racist than her mother? 2. History Lesson: It's easy to forget that just a few decades ago, the color of your skin determined pretty much everything you were entitled, especially in states that adopted segregationist laws that were militantly defended. This film is an important reminder to viewers too young to have lived through the Civil Rights Era that there used to be more racist Hilly Holbrooks in parts of the country (like Mississippi) than open-minded Skeeters. How far have we come when it comes to prejudice and discrimination? Do your kids still witness in but in subtler ways? 3. Read It & See It: Kathryn Stockett's best-selling debut novel is one of the most popular "book club picks" right now, so why not host your own mini-book club with other parents and teen readers? Read the novel and discuss the differences with the movie. What changes made sense given the visual medium, and which plot elements do you wish had been included in the movie? Which characters are closest to their written counterparts? Three to See: More Race-Relations Movies That Matter: 1. 'To Kill a Mockingbird': Considered one of the best page-to-screen adaptations ever made, this is Harper Lee's seminal story of young Scout Finch and her father, the righteous defense attorney Atticus Finch (the inimitable Gregory Peck), come to life. A must-see for all. 2. 'Glory': Denzel Washington and Matthew Broderick give remarkable (and in Washington's case Oscar-winning) performances in this brilliant but sometimes-violent depiction of the Union's all-black 54th regiment, led by Robert Gould Shaw (Broderick). 3. 'Remember the Titans': In this inspiring but humorous sports drama, Denzel Washington plays the first black football coach in a newly desegregated Virginia high-school coming to terms with integration. Great soundtrack, impressive young cast; it's a fun family pick.