Friday, December 30, 2011

J.R. Martinez Will prepare for His Gig As Tournament of Roses Parade Grand Marshal

Junior Martinez Want the truth? When Dwts champion J.R. Martinez was asked for being the grand marshal in the 123rd Tournament of Roses Parade - airing The month of the month of january 2 in 3d and commercial-free on HGTV (11am/10c) - he didn't say yes as it is this kind of large recognition. The Iraq War vet told TV Guide Magazine the particular reason he signed on. TV Guide Magazine: This type of prestige gig! Past marshals in the parade include John Wayne, Bob Hope, Jimmy Stewart, Wally Disney in addition to four U.S. Presidents - Hoover, Eisenhower, Nixon and Ford. You're in great company!Martinez: Only I didn't understand that after they offered me the possibility. [Laughs] I mentioned yes because I desired tickets to the sport! I'm a huge football fan therefore i was, like, 'Hell, yeah!' I buy to go to the Rose Bowl, guy!" That's what I used to be searching toward. TV Guide Magazine: Now?Martinez: [Laughs] Now I buy it. However I didn't really awaken prior to the day's the big press announcement. They drove me to Pasadena incognito like I'm the best choice and covered me after i went to the building. They needed me using the kitchen that people thought will be a mean joke - I'm the Hispanic guy and so i must have the kitchen! - and merely then did I start to see the report on the grand marshals of history. Out of the blue I'm like, "This is often a large freakin' deal!" It's very awesome together with a significant recognition. TV Guide Magazine: Considerably enhanced you understand the score, any nerves in regards to the large day?Martinez: Nah. I'm fine. I'm mellow. I'd dinner while using leader in the Rose Parade association the ones in the committee and so they were saying, "We don't think you really understand how crazy and demanding it'll be!In . TV Guide Magazine: Hellooo, try fighting in Iraq.Martinez: [Laughs] Hellooo, try dancing before 20 million people! All I gotta do around the month of the month of january 2 is appear and wave. Waving and smiling and speaking are a few things i do best! But, seriously, I furthermore desire to help help remind people we're still at war in Afghanistan. People are tuning it. They're frustrated with hearing it. They've handled to maneuver on. But you'll find still 1000's and services information males and girls who require our support and help. It's likewise important will be able to help help remind America that even though the war in Iraq will most likely go Mission: Complete it will not be complete for your males and girls who fought against against there and so are now coming back. You'll probably be seeing plenty of Publish distressing stress disorder. You'll probably be seeing lots of mental issues, the inside scars. Because sense, the Iraq war is not over, and will not be. TV Guide Magazine: What are you doing along with your acting career? Will you still pursue it since The Kids is history?Martinez: I obtained the bug! I've really created a soul mates for acting so we'll see what else can be obtained personally. I did not have a realtor for AMC. Now I've signed while using William Morris Agency so we'll discover if people males will discover me some roles. Nevertheless the finest factor If only to pursue is hosting. I situated the preshow for CNN Heroes for Showbiz Tonight and very loved it. Let me do more. However I am fine with regardless of what. I really could not have access to imagined all this. It's still so surreal, so desperately will be able to grasp. It's crazy! The finest factor I have to help help remind myself is always to never change. Essentially can just stay me through all of this incredible stuff that's happening, I'm going to be okay. Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine now!

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