Monday, July 4, 2011

Do you think i failed my ABRSM grade 8 piano?

I just went for my piano exam in the morning and i think i probably
failed it:(
throughout the whole exam my hands were shaking crazily as i was so
nervous... > <
1. scales went fine but i messed up 1 arpeggio.. the others were ok
2. sight reading was fine as well but i got 1 or 2 notes wrong..
rhythm was fine though..
3. My pieces were pretty horrendous. First and 2nd pieces went fine
but i stumbled here and there but still managed to complete them. My
third piece was initially fine but i messed up at the end:((
4. Aural: screwed up 8A and B but did fine after that...
Do u guys think i would manage to scrape a pass??
> <

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