Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Are new Invader Zim Episodes coming back on or not?

I just got done watching an old re run of Invader Zim on I believe
Teen Nick today. I got to wondering about why it was canceled, so I
looked it up. When I was searching, I noticed some people saying that
Nick had decided or was thinking of putting new episodes of Invader
Zim back on. I would love if they would, because I believe it was a
good show, with just the right amount of darkness added. I've read a
lot now, and people are both saying that ,"Yes, they're thinking of
doing it." Or, "No, it's been canceled for good." I don't know what to
believe, so can someone set me straight here? Are they making new
episodes or not? I already know that re runs are on, and I watch them.

You gotta love Gir! XD

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