Monday, November 14, 2011

'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' Star Kellan Lutz Denied Doughnut Delivery to Fans by Premiere Venue

While activists across the globe sit in and camp out for the Occupy movement, there remains another, possibly more devoted group going unbathed: the Twilight fans.our editor recommends'Twilight's' Kellan Lutz Says 'Breaking Dawn' Director Brought Gay Sensibility to FilmComic-Con 2011: Kellan Lutz, Henry Cavill, Tarsem Singh Stump for 'Immortals'The Twilight Saga: Breaking DawnPart 1: Film Review'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' Red Carpet Premiere Live Stream Twilight's 'Breaking Dawn - Part One' Premiere Buildup Hits New Heights Twilight "Tent City" (current population: 1,400) went up in downtown Los Angeles last week in anticipation of Monday's premiere screening and red carpet for the saga's penultimate installment, Breaking Dawn - Part One. Many residents have slept on the ground for four nights just to catch a glimpse of the franchise stars, and on Friday one of them made an early appearance. PHOTOS: New Images of 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' Kellan Lutz, who plays Emmett Cullen in the series and currently stars as Poseidon in Immortals, stopped by late in the evening with 40 dozen glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts for his devoted fans. He started making his way through the three massive tents, nestled between the Nokia Theater and the Staples Center, passing out the baked goods with staffers from Summit Entertainment, when he was cut short. A rep for Lutz tells The Hollywood Reporter that the 26-year-old was halted by representative from LA Live said he couldn't pass out food, as it was in violation of code. VIDEO: Kellan Lutz Says 'Twilight' Film 'Wasn't a Well-Oiled Machine,' 'Immortals' Was 'Much More Enjoyable' There was apparently no elaboration on why Lutz couldn't pass out the doughnuts, and LA Live parent company AEG did not immediately return THR's request for comment, but Subway sandwiches were handed out in a similar fashion earlier that day to no consequence. So while the remaining doughnuts were packed away, Lutz continued to make his way through the crowd, clocking an hour and a half of face-time to pose for photos and sign autographs. PHOTOS: The Evolution of Film Vampires Tent City has become an unlikely hub for distractions over the past five days, with Summit hosting screenings of previous films, a concert series from soundtrack artists and an appearance from Twilight scribe Stephenie Meyer all feeding into the fan frenzy. Perhaps the glazed confections would have made for just too much excitement. Related Topics Stephenie Meyer Twilight Summit Entertainment Kellan Lutz

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